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 - If you have events to share, ideas for stories, information or puzzles, then please get in touch with us. Simply email us at editor@hp16.org.uk

We will be monitoring the situation with respect to COVID-19 and assessing the time for the next edition as the lockdown eases.

Deadline for Issue 65 will be emailed out to our contributors a month prior to the delivery date, 2020



Why a paper and a website?

Well, there are still many in the community who do not have a computer, and some of those are the most in need of information about the opportunities, the events and the news of the community - and that is almost impossible to find when mobility becomes difficult.

Equally, some of us simply surf... and rarely read, or are rarely in the area through work etc. For you, the website gives access to events, news and opportunities in the HP16 area that could otherwise be inaccessible.
Delivered FREE to every home and business in the area.

HP16 The Source is a newspaper aiming to enable people to get to know what is happening and to get involved. Over 100 volunteers, along with scores of businesses, charities, societies, clubs, churches and public bodies make it possible. We want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved in it
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